Jonathan Dalton 

MA Counselling & Psychotherapy

HDip Counselling & Psychotherapy

Jonathan is a graduate of Dublin Business School’s school of psychotherapy, where he now facilitates small group process in the experiential learning program. He works with men and women who experience a wide range of issues including anxiety, loss, depression and obsessive-compulsive disorders. His approach is grounded in the traditions of humanistic psychology, which is characterized by its respect for the individuality of the person. He also uses psychodynamic psychotherapy to help client’s awareness of how early life experiences can affect our mental and emotional wellbeing in the present. Jonathan has worked in the Rutland Centre where he facilitated group therapy for addicts and their spouses. His specific area of interest is the treatment of process addictions like gambling, sex, spending and pornography. He also has an interest in providing support for clients suffering from obsessional thinking and compulsive/ritualistic behavior. He provides both long and short term psychotherapy on a one to one basis and in groups.