Tania Kacperski

MA Psychotherapy

HDip Counselling & Psychotherapy

Tania works with people who are experiencing degrees of emotional distress that make life very difficult. These emotions may arise out of experiences of past or present trauma, loss or bereavement, issues around sexuality, sexual abuse or other life-changing events. This distress may manifest as anxiety, depression, panic attacks, self-harm, suicide ideation, addictive behaviours, eating disorders, difficulty in relationships, or physical symptoms for which there is no medical diagnosis. Tania has a special interest in working with genetic carriers and people who are managing the impact of hereditary illness and/or a diagnosis of a genetic illness within the family.

Her psychotherapeutic approach is humanistic, integrative and psychodynamic and she adheres to the Code of Ethics of the Irish Association for Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy (IAHIP). Tania is committed to continuous supervision and professional development.