There can be no transforming of darkness into light and of apathy into movement without emotion.
— Carl Jung

What is Therapy?

Therapy offers you the opportunity to express and understand how you are really feeling about important aspects of your life. The therapeutic relationship is built on respect and trust. Therapy provides a safe place for you to explore difficult feelings and emotions in a supportive setting.

Therapy uses various modalities to help explore the psychological issues that hinder our physical and emotional wellbeing. A therapist is trained to actively listen to your concerns and to support you while you find your own solutions. You will not be judged, criticised or pressured to feel or act in a certain way. Instead, your therapist will support you as you seek to find new ways and methods of being that work better for you.

Therapy will help you have a deeper understanding of your feelings and emotions which may help you manage them more effectively both now and in the future. Therapy will also help you develop greater self-esteem and self worth. You may also find you develop more effective ways of relating to others and of expressing your needs and desires.


What Can I Expect?

Therapy provides an opportunity to explore the issues and challenges that arise in day to day life and the factors that impact on the decisions we make. At first, you may feel a little nervous about the process, but this usually fades as your therapist helps you explore your concerns. No problem is too big or too small for you to bring to therapy.

Typically there is a balance between talking about your present day experiences, and addressing the roots of your concerns in your early upbringing. As you begin to experience a sense of trust and safety you may feel more able to share your thoughts and feelings about yourself with your therapist.

In the safety of the therapy room you may begin to discover alternative points of view and become aware of connections between different aspects of your experiences. The focus of therapy will be determined, in collaboration with your therapist, by the concerns and issues you bring to therapy.